Monday, October 29, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Though I won't be spending Christmas at home, I have been told to make get the Christmas decorations for my family. To be precise, I was ordered (read nagged) by my family to do the necessary decorations before leaving for my vacation.
For me, the only thing that cannot be done away in decorations are the lights. You might not bring the Christmas tree in one year, but you cannot make your home look nice without the beautiful candles or the icicle lights.
Then come the Christmas wreaths. History tells us that the ritual of putting up wreaths in the room or hanging them before the door comes from the Roman culture where decorative wreaths symbolized victory. These are believed to be the symbols of life and mirth against the bitter winter. One can get good decorative piece of artificial wreath at any online-store . As for the Christmas tree, it has not been decided whether this year a real tree will come or the artificial ones as usual.


3 comments: said...

I saw this website full of christmas decorations and stuff --

TreeKeeperBag said...

I've also been nagged into setting up christmas decorations. Lights indeed are the most important part in my opinion.

TreeKeeperBag said...

I agree, that lights are very important for decorating your during christmas.