Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas in Asia

Have you ever thought of spending your Christmas Holidays under the sea watching the fishes pass by, and marvel at the underwater flora and fauna? I wish I could be rich enough to afford holidays at any one of the underwater luxury spots . Sigh! Sigh!

Since Jack wants to spend his Christmas away from the usual snow, frost and chilled weather, I was just thinking about a vacation in Asia. The top holiday spots in Asia are

Phuket and Bangkok(Thailand)- While the vibrant, colorful Bangkok city with its gleaming skyscrapers and historical temples display a fusion of modernity and old world charm, Phuket is the picture-perfect island with amazing beaches that draw crowds from worldwide.

- This modern capital of Malaysia can leave many of the European cities far behind when it comes to the modern facilities and rich heritage.

Egypt- This country is full of historical places and architectural heritage.

Vietnam- This is a small country with picturesque beauty and rich culture.

India- India is so vast that it will take about a month to explore its riches.
Also you may try China and Japan for their unknown treasures

But I don't think Jack will be willing to go for a long Asia tour. Let me speak with him first.

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