Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas words

Christmas PrayersThere has been a a criticism of Christmas celebrations are becoming highly materialistic in nature and the true meaning of Christmas is lost. There is only exchange of gift rather the warmth of compassion, sending of cards perfunctorily rather than out of love, hosting Christmas parties instead of reaching out the hands of help to the unprivileged ones. I just read few stories in GatewaytoJesus which is actually not a story but first hand accounts of some people who realized that there are angels on this earth. One of the story is about a mother of six who had been a state of misery and poverty and has to go through much difficulties to earn the livelihood. Christmas was just round the corner and the mother had almost no money to buy gifts for the children. She managed to arrange some old toys which she painted and decided to give the children as Christmas gifts. Miraculously on the night of Christmas Eve, while returning home from her work, she found her car loaded with Christmas presents, food and clothes for her family! Indeed, there are angels beside us who take care of us but we don't see them all the time.
I was surfing the net and found some nice Christmas prayers that I would like to share with all of you.

Max Lucado

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son to earth as a baby so many years ago. Thank you that He paid the punishment for my sins by dying on the cross. And thank you that He rose again to prove that death was truly defeated. I place my trust in You to be my Savior. Guide me through the dark times of my life and give me courage to live for You. Amen

for the gift of Your love.
May I be a shining
example of that love to others.

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