Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas gift ideas for grandparents

So 10 days are only left for Christmas! The mood has already set in. On this weekend I am going to try out my hand in making a Christmas cake. I wish my first attempt in baking a cake turns out well. If it's going to be good one, I will share the recipe with all of you. Yesterday I completed buying the Christmas gifts for my grandparents. This year, for both of them I bought a lap writing desk.
After extensively searching the net for latest Christmas gifts for grandma and grand dad, I found some unique gifts that can be given on this holiday 2007.

Digital frames - This gift is for everyone of every age. Let your grandparents have a slide show of their favorite moments with you in the digital photo frames.

Computer books - Is your grandparents not so Computer savvy? Do they still get confused in sending the mails and chatting in the net? Then don't worry. Present them on this Christmas a tutorial book on Computer and Internet.

Battery operated letter opener - Today is the age of hi-tech systems. Why not give your grand dad or grand ma a lightweight battery-operated letter opener which is easy to handle and safe.

Photo album book - I think this a photo album book for grandma or grand dad is the most common Christmas gift. However, it can be personalized by engraving the name of the grandchildren of the old couple.

Giant pill box or pill organizer- Medicines are an integral part of the old age. So help your grand pa in remembering taking the pills and grand ma in organizing the medicines by giving them a giant box for pills

So, if you are still wondering what to buy for your grandparents, you can check these things out.

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hanred said...

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