Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas gifts for pets

Myspace Christmas friends CommentsWhile we look for the perfect Christmas gifts for our near ones, why should our dear pets be left behind? Pets are part of the family and are the companions in our lonely times. Sometimes, they even love us more than our relations. So when it's Christmas time, pamper them with nice Christmas gifts.
Those who have dogs at home can make their pet jump with joy by giving them a colorful non-toxic funny toys to chew or Jumbo Santa Loofa toy as their snuggling companion. Or if you want to buy something useful then you can go for personalized blankets, big soft dog beds or even a chic closets to keep the trendy clothes. If your pooch is one of those fashion loving ones who likes to appear cool in the trendy clothes and accessories then gift them holiday costume and hats , scarves, personalised stockings , latest design clothings . Does your doggie travel with you most of the time ? Then travel bowls, comfortable car seats and seat belts are ideal for your Christmas pet gifts.

Are you fond of cats and the feline is an integral part of your life, then here are some Christmas gift ideas for your cute kitty. Cats love cuddling around the corner of the room or will be seen sun bathing on the window perch. So if your cat like lazying around most of the time, present a silky soft bed or heated bed for cozy kitties. If the cat loves to get pampered with ornaments, then be a little extravagant and give it a pearl pet collar or if it is very playful then there are number of kitty toys .

Those who are keeping birds often scratch their head for a nice gift for their pet during the holidays. You can change your pet bird's old cage with a new, more spacious cage on this Christmas. Also there are bird toys or playstands .


Sheila said...

Thanks for visiting. You have a fun blog for Christmas. I love the whole look. Kudos.

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Cool Christmas blog!

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Alice said...

Nice blog.
And one gift for my cat I just found - the basket from this Gift Basket