Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Gifts For Pets

Pets are not just mere animals or birds; they are inmates of our house and our best mates. They are dearer to us than gold. I recently bought a golden retriever pup for my little niece. So, we decided to do some Christmas shopping for this precious new addition to our family. But hey, why just me? I am sure most of you all are planning to buy the best in town for those darling pets. Look at the list of gifts below and take your pick:

Animal Planet Plush Bone Dog Toy - Medium ($2.95) It’s not a bone to chew and gobble up but nevertheless any dog would love to play around with this soft and colorful toy of a bone.

Rooster Squeak Toy ($12) - A riot of color and sound, the rooster dog toy will keep your dog enthused for hours. Soft, cuddly and safe, just the right mix of ingredients for any pet.

7" Twisted ring toy ($6.99)- Keep your active pet busy with this sturdy, colorful toy It makes playtime fun with a ribbed design that's fun for dogs/cats to chew.

Fat Cat Big Mama's Scratch-o-Rama ($10.39) - Finally! A scratching solution for your cat! Cats love to rub their feet parts over rough surfaces. Clark & Daily Zooming & Nail grooming helps with the following:
1.Keeps claws healthy (& well manicured)
2.Helps stretch and tone muscles!

Heat able Dog Bed ($79.95) - Treat your furry friend to a warm and snuggly haven with this Heat able Dog Bed.

Canine Hardware Large Treat Tote ($8.99) - Perfect for afternoons in the park or training sessions anywhere, the treat tote is a small pouch designed to carry your pet's favorite treat.

Flying Squirrel - Here is one squirrel who won't mind being chased down. For a far flung game of fetch, just grab him by a paw and throw like a flying disk. Remember to snap your wrist while throwing to give him a good spin. His spinning feet create visual excitement for you and your pet.

Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats, Ocean White Fish ($7.22) - Pollock filets; sliced, baked and freeze-dried to bring your pet a healthy treat they will enjoy.

Ecards – Wish your pets a very Merry Christmas with these cute and heartwarming Ecards from

Zhivago Hooded Sweater for Dogs, Pink ($11.74 - $12.97)

Orthopedic Bed Plum Paw print ($59.99)

Fashionista Doggie Carrier ($39.99)

Chuck it Launcher Ball Toss Dog Toy, Assorted Colors ($9.97) - The award-winning Chuck it Launcher is a total revolution in fetch technology.

Jingle Bell Collar ($15- $19) - Let your pet revel in the holiday spirit with this festive Jingle Bell Collar.

Ruff wear Go Between Travel Bowl ($12.99)- These waterproof, lightweight, spill proof owls are perfect for carrying pet food and clear water.

Purr Pad 20" x 20" For Cats ($11.74) - The Purr Pad's ultra-soft polyester fibers work as an insulator to absorb and hold heat, keeping your kitty warm and cuddly year round.

Cat Bed, Double Wide, Purple ($23.99)

Paint-A-Birdhouse ($15.95) - Create a special look that your feathered friends will be sure to enjoy with this Paint-A-Birdhouse kit. This kit comes complete with a wooden house, hanging chain, waterproof acrylic paints and paintbrush. Let your imagination loose and create an inviting destination.

Holiday Pet Gift Basket ($10)- Edible rawhide basket, filled with munchy and crunchy treats. - Bagged, with red bow.

4 Pack Cat Toy Assortment ($1.25 each) 4 assorted cat toys per pack, pack contents will vary.

Collared Feed Me Dog Dish ($ 14.95) - This adorable white ceramic dog dish comes with a black denier collar and enamel paw charm. "Feed Me" is printed across the front of the bowl.

Luxury Beaded pet Jewelry – For more click here.

Nite Ize Nite Dog Collar ($19.99) – Your dog will certainly be the centre of attraction anywhere he goes. People will not just admire him but other pet owners will be envious as well. This L.E.D collar makes sure your dog is seen and safe no matter where he goes.

Personalized Pet ornaments

Old Fashioned Radio Aquarium ($39.95) - Treat your fish like celebrities with the Old Fashioned Radio Aquarium. These unique aquariums are shaped like old television/radio sets, so you can watch your fish enjoy the starry limelight of the show!

I can already see your pets woofing and meowing away in delight, so why the delay? Grab these gifts and surprise your pet.

For more exciting gift ideas, drop in at http://shopping.msn.com/content/shp/?ctId=8007

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