Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Home Interior Decor Ideas

Its time to start decorating the home and its interiors for the Holiday season. I have chosen an Earthy Christmas theme. In this case, warm green, rich brown and soft crème colors, bright red wreaths in favor of forest green garlands and/or some decorative plants, like Pine Leaves and Cones collection are my choice. A tall clear vase with chocolate brown Christmas ornaments and will be displayed on the coffee table.

Decorative candles are an essential element for indoor Christmas decoration. They create an aura of warmth and brighten up the whole atmosphere adding to the festive spirit. Another terrific indoor decoration is artificial garland. Whether strewn about the tree or woven through the stair banister, artificial garland looks great everywhere. You can use trendy gold poinsettia garlands this year if you are tired of the traditional ones. Artificial berries garland look great displayed atop the fireplace, especially if held in place with some decorative candles.

Shells, sand, beach balls, lighthouses, flip-flops, sea creatures, Hawaiian shirts, swim-suits, sunglasses, palm trees, umbrellas, beach buckets and shovels, sand castles, coral, Adirondack chairs, fish nets, buoys, oars, boats, and surfboards, the nautical trend is now an important home decor theme. Coastal Christmas colors are sun bleached shades of green, blue, and sand. Accents include faded purple, pink, yellows, oranges, soft brown, and glitter. Add to this, a beautiful personalized snowman canoe family and you will have your nautical Christmas theme decor gliding in full swing.

Timeless Grandeur
Create a luxurious, elegant space using the warm combination of ivory and gold accents. Use a wide range of tree skirts, table runners, ornaments and candles in gold and ivory.
Combine black, red and silver to create a bold, contemporary look that is easy to achieve. Black candles with silver accents make a dramatic statement. Use a metal card holder to elegantly and neatly display your holiday cards.

Handcrafted Christmas
Classic holiday colors like red, green and gold mixed with vintage style characters and natural elements create a country theme. Start with a berry topiary for the table and feature snowmen and other holiday characters throughout the house. Over sized stockings add some merriment and fun to your holiday decor.

Turn your home into a winter wonderland using white and silver. Add pink accents, such as flowers and butterflies, and feathered decoration.

Palatial paradise
Combine burgundy and gold to create a majestic space. Add rich textures by choosing a dark tree skirt and stockings. Over sized gold tree decorations and exotic shapes, like jeweled elephants and crowns, direct the eye to your grand Christmas tree.

Ice Fantasy
Create a contemporary, unique look using a non-traditional accent color. Use cool blue and silver to bring the magic of Christmas into your home, and add violet accents to complete the look. Create your own centerpiece by placing a variety of silver and purple-hued holiday decorations in a clear bowl. Also, add a cheerful snowman rug to accentuate the beauty of the theme.

Warm Evening
Make your home glow this holiday season with lights. From the outside to the inside, LED lights are the easy way to create a feeling of warmth. In the front hallway, a pre-lit topiary tree or cashmere pine tree in a sturdy gold pot adds elegance to your home and makes your friends and family feel welcome.

Win laurels from your visitors this season, by creating an appealing display of the above décor. Do chime in with your own ideas and inputs as well. Have a gala time decorating your home.

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Anonymous said...

Since I am an avid crafter myself, Christmas time is a wonderful time for me! It gives me the opportunity to try to make different christmas crafts. The only problem is I usually end up giving them away so I don't have a whole lot of them hanging around my house. lol