Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Party Games

To make your Christmas party a thorough success, there is nothing like having plenty of variety in the games. Short of bright ideas? Perhaps these will help to add tons of fun to your Christmas celebration.

Making Santa Claus’s dress is a great Christmas party game idea. In order to play this game, you will require approximately 6 players. Arrange red crepe paper, white cotton batting, black colored construction paper and a masking tape. Divide teams and allot time limit to them.

Box game- Wrap a small gift, such as candy or CD inside several boxes. Ask your guests to guess what is inside the box.

Charades is another great Christmas party game idea. This game involves acting and guessing of movie’s name.

Blowing out the Christmas candle- A lit candle is placed upon a table. Each player is blindfolded one by one and made to stand with his back to the candle. He is then told to take three steps forward, turn around thrice and then take four steps towards the candle to blow it out.

Christmas Limericks- Players invent clever Christmas limericks. Winner makes the most clever punch line. Example:There once was a snowman named BudWho thought of himself as a studBut later that day A girl came his way And he melted and turned into mud.

Gift Giving Game - This is fun for gift exchanges during the holidays. Everyone brings a gift to the party and stands in a circle holding the gift he/she brought to the party. Someone reads a story, every time the word RIGHT is read, everybody passes his gift to the right. Every time the word LEFT is read, gifts are passed to the left. The gift that each person is holding at the end of the story is the gift he keeps.

Balloon Stomping Game- Here all the participants blow balloons. These balloons are tied with wool string to the ankle. Now, guests will be asked to stamp on their opponents to burst the balloon.

Build a snowman - Outdoor activities make for great Christmas party games. Divide your guests into teams and have snowball fights, or snowman building contests.

Unwrapping Gifts- Wrap gifts for your guests and then tell them to open them wearing mittens on their hands. Set a time limit, and then see the fun.

Three-Legged Stocking Race
Supplies: Over sized stocking that will fit two feet, Tie, Tape to mark finish line.
Pair up guests/ kids and have each pair put a leg in the over sized stocking and tie at top so that it won't fall off. Make sure you have plenty of space. Put all the pairs at one end and mark a finish line at the other. On your mark the kids race to be the first pair over the line.

Christmas Concentration
Supplies: Colored butcher paper, Marker, Adhesive, Christmas trivia questions, Stocking.
On a large piece of colored butcher paper write out a message using words and symbols. Example: Have "ewe"rself a very "Mary" "Christ"mas ("pictures"). Cut into several odd shapes, turn over so words face the chalkboard.
In a stocking have Christmas trivia questions. Pull out a question, read. Player that answers correctly may turn any piece of the puzzle over. First player or team to guess what's written wins. Guess incorrectly, lose a turn.

Snowball Dance

All the girls stand on one side, the boys on the other. One girl and one boy are chosen to dance for a minute, a signal is given and the girl and the boy choose new partners. This continues until everyone is dancing.

Singing Carols
Separate your guests into two groups. One member of each group picks a piece of paper out of a hat that has the name of a Christmas carol written on it. This person draws clues for the other members of his or her group and they try to guess the name of the song. Once they guess correctly the group sings the carol.

Ensure a fun filled frolicking Christmas party for all your guests by indulging in these amazing games.

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