Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It’s Saint Nicholas Day

A real-life bishop in what is now Turkey, Saint Nicholas earned his sainthood for numerous miracles, but his neighbors knew him best as a kind and generous man with a great fondness for children. Today, in many parts of the world Saint Nicholas is believed to deliver gifts on the eve of his Feast Day.

How to celebrate this Day:
Tell your kids the story of Bishop Nicholas and how he came to be the patron saint of children. Hold a Saint Nicholas Day party and serve the spicy cookies associated with Saint Nick. Help your children find the true spirit behind Santa Claus by emulating the Bishop's kindness: encourage them to give part of their allowance to a cause that helps children or to buy gifts for a local toy drive. You could also help them gather up outgrown clothes or old toys and give them to a charity. Teach them to make gifts for the special people in their livesand help those in need. All said and done, chant this prayer with them to end this day on a note of goodwill and love.
Tonight when it is dark, Saint Nicholas may come.
He loves to bring a big surprise. He gives the children toys
Cookies, apples, Balls and games, Bells and whistles, Dolls and trains.
Surprises for the boys.Surprises for the girls.
Saint Nicholas is our friend in heaven. He is the children's saint
We thank you, good Saint Nicholas! We thank you for the toys!
We thank you, good Saint Nicholas! You bring us many joys
—Ade Bethune
May your life be filled with loads of success and dreams be fulfilled. May this day bring wonderful surprises and immense luck your way.
Here are some Ecards at that you can send all your friends and loved ones to wish them Happy Saint Nicholas Day.


Chana said...

Well, i thank you for the Christmas wishes. Here because you are one of Dr. John's Christmas Marathon links. Here to wish you and your family a Blessed, Fun and Peaceful Holiday Season.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas by way of Dr John's Christmas Marathon.

Margaret said...

I love the Saint Nicholas story and tradition. Stopping by from Dr. John's fortress. Merry Christmas!

Sunflower Optimism said...

Wow, thanks so much for this! St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra is HUGE in my Eastern Orthodox church. He is a great saint and was a benefactor of children. Many people are not aware that "Jolly Old St. Nick" has origins in Bishop Nicholas - a real person.

Merry Christmas - by way of Dr. John!

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