Monday, December 18, 2006

Unique Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Wreaths, garlands, stockings and so on are aspects that create a traditional Christmas ambiance. But when decorated in a slightly unusual or unique manner, they make the home look trendy and traditional at the same time. Read below to know how:

  • Wreaths can be hung anywhere. On the windows, a blank wall, the front door and porch posts. Add small ones on the staircase. Kitchen cabinets are also not a bad idea.
  • Garland galore! Hang garlands anywhere you can. Across table tops, around candles, on top of your mantel and also under your mantel, along the tops of your kitchen cabinets, on your curtain rods, and of course wrapped around your banisters!
  • Stockings- A blank wall can be decked up with 3 stockings or one big glorious one. Hang small ones on your garland and up the stairs. Hang one on your child's bedroom doors. And then once they're hung, stuff them with tissue paper, candy canes and yummy potpourri.
  • Fill glass vases with colored stones or rocks. And place a candle inside. You can even add dry branches, silk flowers and poinsettias.
  • Place a small tree in a corner of the kitchen counter, decorated with miniature kitchen items found in a toy store.
  • Decorate your bedroom! There is no rule which says we can only decorate the hall and main rooms on Christmas. Put some of that decor in your bedroom as well and let the holiday cheer seep into your dreams. Drape garlands on your head board, hang a wreath on your door and above your bed, string white lights where you can. If you celebrate Christmas, put a small tree in your room. And don't forget a few scented candles.
  • Wrap a lampshade with translucent Christmas tissue paper. Put the paper on the outside of the lamp shape, overlapping the edges just a little and tape the edges down on the inside.
  • Place a small Christmas tree in a child's bedroom decorated with small toys, miniature dolls, or small sports items. Add twinkling white lights and you'll have a wonderful night light for the holiday season.
  • For easy Christmas tableware, tie red, green, or gold ribbons to the stems of wine glasses or the handles of cutlery.
  • Purchase small bells from your craft store. Tie each bell to a piece of ribbon between 6" and 18" in length. Gather all of the ribbons together and knot together at the top. Drape the bells over a door knob so that they ring when someone enters or exits.

Turn your home into a magical arbor this season and unwind unhindered, tempered with delight.

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