Thursday, November 01, 2007

Christmas Tree

We are planning to have a real Christmas tree this year. Though it's a little difficult to maintain a real Christmas tree, but with proper care and selection, it can be managed. But the advantage of artificial ones are that they stay fresh forever! Especially the Christmas trees with lights decorated on them saves a lot of time in the decoration during the holiday.

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Veery said...

We have a real tree every year, with big lights too! The artificial ones just aren't the same if you grew up with the real thing.

Christmas Clip Art said...

My wife will never let me get an artificial tree...she's just too old school. I like the smell and look of real trees, but they just never seem to last as long as you want...and they make a mess...oh well. Nice blog by the way.

Christmas clip art

Anna said...

We had to stop using a real tree for various reasons, and I didnt miss it as much as I thought I would.

If you change your mind-I found a great tree at they are prelit (oy! Did I REALLY wrap each branch with lights for all those years???)

Happy Holidays!