Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mistletoe - some more facts & funny Christmas video

As I have promised I am here with some more information on mistletoe.
The plant itself is an interesting plant to the botanist for study. It is an partially parasitic as it grows on branches and trunks of other trees , but it can also make it's own food through photosynthesis. There are two types of mistletoe- while one type is the native of North America and are mainly used for Christmas decorations, the other type is European in origin with looks like green shrub with yellow, white flowers and berries that are said to be poisonous.

The Greeks and the Europeans considered mistletoe, specially those which grew on oak trees as sacred and magical. Most of us perhaps heard about the myths that the Druids in Britain believed. They considered mistletoe to be the miracle plant giving fertility and life to man and animals. After the winter solstice, on the sixth after the new moon, the Druid priest would cut the mistletoe from the oak tree with a golden sickle and would place it on a white cloth. A ceremony followed where two bulls were sacrificed and prayers were said for the well being of the mistletoe receivers.

Then there was the legend among the Viking people about Balder, the god of the summer son. Once Balder had a dream that he would die. His mother , Frigga was panic stricken and asked sky, air, water, animals and plants not to kill her son. But Balder's enemy Loki found that Mistletoe is not a plant as such as it has no root inside the ground. So he made a poisoned dart with the plant and made Balder's blind brother to shoot at Balder. When all the elements failed to bring back life to Balder, Frigga's tears changed the red mistletoe berries to white, restoring life to her son. Frigga then changed the bad reputation of the mistletoe and kissed everyone who worked underneath the mistletoe as a mark of her gratitude.

I have found a funny Christmas video about mistletoe. Here it is -

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