Friday, November 23, 2007

Hottest Christmas Gifts- Part 1

Thanksgiving is over. I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. I had lots of fun and I hope that I will have more on Christmas. Has anybody started the preparations for Christmas like buying gifts and planning for decorations. Well, I have started looking for the gifts online. Here is a list of top ten electronic gifts that one can give to the near ones.

PSP portable

Do you know snyone who loves gaming as well as listening to music? Here is a perfect gift for those gizmo freak- Sony Playstation Portable core. You can play games, listen to music, upload videos and audios as well as can access to Internet. It is, in other words, a Handheld Entertainment revolution
In CompUSA, there are limited quantities of PSP , in Amazon there are number of used and new models of it starting from the range $150.


Another gadget for computer game lovers is WII. For those who are not so aware of video games let me tell you that Wii is the fifth home video game console released by Nintendo.
Amazon is offering new and used models starting from $ 537. Also there are discounts in the new models of Wii play with Wii remote. You can also check out Best Buy and Circuit City


Macbook, the Macintosh notebook computers is becoming more and more necessary in our fast life. With Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, 1 Gb memory, camera for video chatting, 13 inch wide screen display Macbook is one of the hottest gift of 2007. While in Amazon the stock is very limited, the price range in Best Buy starts from around $ 1500. Till tomorrow ie. 11/24 there is a sale of Macbook in CompUSA


Amazon is giving a special discount on the iPods on this weekend from Black Friday to Monday. The 3rd generation Apple 1 GB iPod or the Apple 80 GB iPod classic- you can choose from variety of models. Also there are other used and new models at reasonable prices.So HURRY! At Circuitcity , there are free gift for any new iPod purchase. Enjoy the music on this Christmas!


If you can order at Amazon within next 1 - 4 hrs for HDTV , then your order will be eligible for Free shipping . On the other hand, at Circuitcity is offering upto 20% discount on HDTV sale. But oh! The sale ends today! So if you want a HDTV on holidays 2007, then rush for it. But even if you can't take the advantage of it, then don't worry. There might be more offers in the future or you can browse through Bestbuy where you can have a look at HDTV and it's accessories from almost every brand.

Here are some of the hottest gift of this season. To learn about more gifts and the best deals stay tuned.


Anna said...

These are a LOT better than what msn had posted the other day. One of the items was a do-it-yourself back shaver-I swear!

Kerry said...

You should check out

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