Saturday, December 01, 2007

Unique Christmas gifts

There are some new gadgets that are becoming the like life supporting system for the busy executives and professionals. Not only the technological advancements help them in their field of work but also in their relaxation. So these new gadgets can be nice Christmas gifts.

The gadget that comes to my mind first is the Slingbox. It is becoming popular fast among the people who are always traveling on business. This device lets people to catch up the local television programes from their hotel rooms. The slingbox has to be attached to the television at home, catches the local TV signals, convert it into digital signal and sends it through the Internet. The price of the boxes usually starts around $120 and prices vary according to various other features. In Amazon, slingboxes, both used and new models are available at lower price as there are some offers of discounts, while in Circuitcity there are different models.

While the executives might not feel necessary to wear the watch just for seeing the time, the watch maker Suunto has made them think twice. Suunto, a subsidiary of the Amer Sports has brought out a line of watch that shows not only the time but also let business traveller keep a track of their appointments, their locations and their speed and heart rate while exercising. You can check out Amazon.

For those busy executives Digital Pen recorder can be useful gift. It records voices upto 64 hours. Spygadgets are offering free gifts along with a Digital Pen recorder. The offer will close soon and so hurry!

Scottevest has brought out a new jacket for keeping the gadgets and letting the people hide the wires. However, magnets are used in some of the designs to keep the pockets shut. So the manufacturer has warned those with pacemakers not to wear such jackets.

If you need to watch your budget then buy some useful gadgets like Logitech Clearchat Pro USB Headset or a cordless headphone for ipod Shuffle or a flashdrive for cellphones. After all, it's the thought that matters and not the money, right?

But before you go for buying a electronic gadget as a Christmas gift, keep some facts in mind:
  • Always shop from reputable companies and if you are buying online don't forget to check the reseller ratings and product reviews.
  • Do some research about the latest technology or seek guidance of any knowledgeable person to ensure that the gift is not going to be outdated soon or will be compatible with the other electronic items.
  • Always know every details about the warranty period and be careful about the insurance and keeping the receipts .
So, just keep in mind these precautions and gear up for the coming holiday season. Happy shopping!


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Happyfellow said...

Love your blog

Wanted to share a video of me and a friend putting up my christmas tree!

Enhoy and Happy Holidays!

Brad said...

Everybody loves the Digital Pen - I hope I get one for Christmas this year too!

Anonymous said...
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