Monday, October 30, 2006

Christmas gifts at low and affordable prices

Happy Halloween to all my readers.
A gift is an expression of one's love and appreciation. It enhances the magnitude of respect and also closely knits individuals or families together. The plethora of gifts available in the market and online retail shops is startling and so are their prices. However, it is the gesture itself which counts, a gift handmade or bought, expensive or not hardly matters. The simple desire to present a gift is enough to win hearts.
I have often noticed that people feel elated on receiving hand baked or cooked food items like Chocolate fudge or candies etc. In fact, homemade cookie mix with the recipe enfolded or baskets filled with cheese and fruits, flowers, drinks like cider, special jams and mustards or chocolate bars and so on are not just cheap to accumulate but also a craze among innumerable kids, house wives and teenagers as well. Gifts like cookbooks, set of dish towels and dish cloths, magazines on home decor, beautiful candles, kitchen gadgets, etc. for young homemakers, nail polish kits, makeup set, pretty night suits, video rental gift certificates, sports cards, movie theater gift hampers, hand decorated photo albums or prepaid long distance phone cards for teenagers are just a few examples of un-ostentatious gift products worth being merited and applauded.
For those who wish to avoid the traffic on the roads and the crowds in the malls, online shopping offers a large range of easily affordable options. For more information and exciting gift ideas, take a look at these websites I found on the net and am planning to borrow ideas from myself:


Kathleen Marie said...

This is excellent. You have so much here it is amazing. I am VERY impressed. I will be back!!

SamD said...

Thanks for your focus on the troops here. I live in KY and I've found in most of the midwest that people really are supportive of our wonderful troups. If there's any service men or women or their families reading, Thank you from all of U.S.

Nancy said...

I like all your gift ideas. I've worked at thinking of things for the "hard to buy" on my online store. We can personalize t-shirts, teddy bears and messanger bags for teen girls, put favorite sports and hobbys on sweatshirts and baseball caps for boys. If someone sends us a photograph we'll put it on postage stamps, aprons, mugs, tiles, magnets or buttons for mom and we can put dad's URL on a golf shirt(everyone likes to promote their business!)


Anonymous said...

You know an awsome gift i got last year was a star named after me. it was really cool and the certificate that i recieved was great it also came with a guide to finding the star named after me. Nameing a star is really neat for people in to astronmey like me.
My certificate was from a website called its really cool, i loved it.