Friday, October 13, 2006


American Christmas cannot be without discussing about the greatest celebration of the White House. The holiday season at the white house is a time of fulgurant decors with various types of entertaiment. Over 200yrs the celebration of Christmas at President's house has evolved from a simple family observance into a grand public celebration. Celebration cannot be described without the decor and the people. Blown glass and glittery decorations had not yet manufactured, so natural embellishments were used like the greenery, flowers and items provided by nature. Imagination was used to combine all these so to create decorations that perhaps represent the time in which they used by the occupants of a white house of long ago. The Christmas celebration was more a personal celebration but now the popularity has gripped the interest of people. Americans are getting to know about how Christmas is celebrated in details. Decorating Christmas trees is popular in US. The decoration of the trees have with time increased and is popular with the presidential era. In 1958 Mamie Eisenhower had 27 decorated Christmas trees in the White House. Then in the 1960's the "theme" Christmas trees appeared in the White House and each year the press anxiously awaits news of the latest theme to be used by the current White House couple.In 1961, First Lady Jackie Kennedy decided to decorate the White House for Christmas, she started a tradition at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The theme that year was "Nutcracker." And it got bigger every year. The tradition of placing a decorated tree in the White House started in 1869 during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison. In 1998 Clinton tree was based on “A winter wonderland” it featured snowmen ornaments, knitted mittens and hats and painted wooden ornaments. Today the First Lady has selected the theme and also taps the talents of American artisans. Laura Bush chose “Home for the Holidays”for 2001. Wait and watch out for the exciting theme this year. Pet has always been an important part of Christmas celebration in the House. Barney, had made news recently with a video clips on how he celebrates his Christmas. He has a new member in his family Miss Beazley this year. On the other hand, the official Christmas ornament for the year 2006 honors the administration of the 21st President of America Chester A. Arthur(1881-85). HGTV takes viewers on a grand tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, showing them how an army of decorators, volunteers, and staffers doll up the old dame so the first family can celebrate in style. Viewers will see the whole historic home, including the Blue Room, the State Dining Room, and the East Room. Later, all the dirty secrets, wrapped in Christmas bows, come tumbling out of the closet in the basement. So, roll up your sleeves and start up with your own celebration plan...get influenced by the First Family of America.

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