Monday, October 23, 2006

Christmas stockings

Yesterday while rummaging through my drawers, I suddenly came across my old and worn out stockings hung up during Christmas every year. It suddenly struck me that Christmas stockings could be an excellent gift. Available in iridescent shades, these cute, snuggly and adorable wool handcrafts possess the magical ability to allure Santa Claus to arrive at jet speed and celebrate Christmas with us. But not all stockings can do the trick, they have to be like the ones grandma used to make, right? is a site I learnt about from one of my friends who spoke quite highly of it. These Christmas stockings available online are unique and original in their designs. Made to order and shipped within a fortnight, I hope to receive them at my doorstep early this winter. It was fun selecting from their wide ranging and bewitching designs. another website I have heard of has already begun taking orders. Their hand knitted time honored Christmas stocking collection is quite popular among my more traditional family members.

I am also planning to buy new stockings and Christmas ornaments for my pet dog, Nemo. After all, he should get a chance to bark and have a lark on Christmas as well. Will be placing orders at either of the two online websites I came across and have added to my list of favorites,

Something old, something fresh, something bold and something beauteous, Christmas is the time to bring in the best of everything and celebrate in plush style. So, make sure you have loads of fun and enjoy.

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