Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Real or artificial Christmas trees?

Beginning a discussion on this issue is like entering a vortex and I am speaking from personal experience. Had a small party at my place yesterday where I casually asked my friends whether I should go for a real or artificial Christmas tree. Little did I know that this would spur a heated debate. Real trees are no doubt more attractive and beautiful to the eye but instead of entering a controversy myself, I will relate all the pros and cons of both the varieties now.
Artificial Trees besides being cost effective, last for more than six years and require little maintenance. They do not shed needles and are thus safe for the kids, creating very little mess. Being fire resistant, the house is never under a threat even if lit candles are kept near. However, most notably as my friend Zack pointed out, there are hardly any disposal pangs (certainly no immediate ones), neither do they rot and having a huge collection to select from, people are increasingly tilting towards them.
In comparison to this, here is what James, an agriculturalist had to say, “Artificial trees look unimpressive and unreal, require ample storage space and assembling time as well. Besides, they are made from a non renewable resource- petroleum; lack smell, can be insect infested, are not environment friendly like their real counterparts which release oxygen in the air taking in carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases, augment the growth of rural economy, decompose easily and are nature's unique gift to man”.
Is your head already spinning? Well, mine was but you know what the best thing about this conversation was, I gathered loads of information which now I can share with you all. Real trees, are however my choice for the season, what is yours?
Here are a few websites I learnt about while this heated exchange was going on where I will soon be ordering my Christmas tree:
For real trees:

NEW YORK tree farms:




For artificial trees


For Christmas tree ecards


Funky Finds said...

well, i'm very allergic to pine trees so this is an easy call for me! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE a real tree, but we're going with artificial for financial reasons for a few years. Oh, and simplicity when you've got a three year old!