Monday, October 30, 2006

Top New Pop Christmas Albums

Looking for the latest Pop albums releasing this Christmas? So was I, coz I just love music. A wise man once said that if there is anything which can make your boss or instructor abandon that scowl on his forehead and rest his vocal chords or make his feet go cha cha cha, its nothing but some smashing good music. So here's the list of the top 10 Christmas albums making an entry into the world of Pop this year:

'James Taylor at Christmas' by Jame Taylor- Consists of a selection of warm and comforting traditional Christmas Pop.
'Now! That's What I call Christmas, Vol. 3' by Various Artists- The first two volumes are unforgettable, hope this one will create ripples as well.
'Wintersong' by Sarah McLachlan- Destined to stun your senses, Sarah's beautiful voice is sure to captivate audiences.
'Cool Yule' by Bette Midler- The first Christmas album ever in the long career of the Divine Miss M.
'Songs for Christmas' by Sufjan Stevens- For more information on this one, scroll down to check out my exclusive post dated October 19, 2006.
'A Classic Christmas' by Wyonna Judd- Primarily renowned as a country singer, nevertheless her songs can smoothly fit into the Pop category as well.
'One more Drifter in the Snow' by Aimee Mann- This collection ranges from a version of “You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch” to an original tear jerking Christmas number.
'A Mary Mary Christmas' by Mary Mary- A duo that keeps surprising us with their enchanting numbers. Hope this one will also add mirth to the holiday spirit.
'A Twisted Christmas' by Twisted Sister- This much awaited album is sure to be a party rocker.
'A 50th Anniversary Christmas celebration' by Johnny Mathis- Who would not want to lay his hands on this album consisting of the classic recordings of Christmas songs by a living legend?
Just check out these websites, for more information on these upcoming albums.

So plug in your headphones/earphones and make sure you get a few of these albums for your boss as well to ensure that extra wage hike this Christmas.


Funky Finds said...

I never buy Christmas albums (just listen to the radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7), but I may have to splurge & get Bette Midler's album. Love her!

Drew McLellan said...


Great blog and post! When you want to give someone a gift that is laden with emotions -- music is a great choice, IMO.

A personal aside...Wynonna Judd is about as talented a singer as you can find -- regardless of the genre of music. I would highly recommend any CD she records!



Anonymous said...

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