Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trends in Christmas lights

Light is a symbol of hope and the triumph of good over evil. In the past, Christmas tress were lighted with candles which were often placed inside colored glass or metal lanterns. With the advent of electric lights, wreathed in light strands, Christmas trees glow and dazzle creating a mind boggling effect.
Incandescent light bulbs and mini LED are much in vogue nowadays. But Christmas lighting is not restricted to trees alone; rope lights available in colors of red, green, blue and copper are being used to decorate the exterior specially the balcony. Rudolph, Bumble and Snoopy light up the outdoor of the house making the whole neighborhood stand out. In addition, Christmas icicle lights used to decorate railings and fences not just look beautiful but are also safe to handle with kids in the house. Finally, solar powered Christmas lights strewn gracefully on the garden floor deserves a thumbs up when it comes to outdoor decorations.
For indoors, reindeer shaped lights, bright clear bulbs on white wire or multicolor lights with green wire or bright pink lights are pleasing to the eye and have the ability to brighten up any home interior. Ornaments like the lighted Santa Claus or Candy cane, Christmas wreath, stars and garlands remain unrivaled in their ardor and beauty. Lighted pictures of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ or those depicting the Nativity of Christ or a musical snowing Christmas tree with revolving men are also gaining popularity.
So, get ready to bathe your house in millions of Christmas lights this year following in the footsteps of Danny DeVito in the movie 'Deck the Halls', such that they can be visible even from space.

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Heather Shockney said...

Nice Blog ,I love Christmas its my absolute favorite time of the year.I love decorating and my husband says I'm trying to compete with the Griswold's from the National Lampoons.