Friday, October 13, 2006

Christmas wedding themes.

Planning a wedding during Christmas has its own charm. With the advent of winter, heaven herself descends on earth clothed in snowflakes blessing the young couple on this sacred day. So why not plan a smashing wedding this Christmas? Its a rare occasion when family and friends reunite thus offering a doubly good reason to have a wedding on the cards. Some of the most popular wedding themes popping up this year are an authentic Christmas style wedding with the venue decorated in iridescent colors of white, red and green. A velvet dress for the bride to keep her warm and as for the guests, what could be more appropriate than coming in attired as fairies and angels to grace the party? Finally, a mouth watering three tier snowflake wedding cake and a reindeer drawn carriage waiting to carry the newly wed off to North Pole for a meet with Santa.
Well, if this isn't enough, an Arthurian style wedding theme is also catching heat. Transported directly into the medieval court of Arthur to witness the grand wedding of the King and Guinevere would certainly be an unforgettable experience.
But a personal favorite would be the Arabian style wedding held under a shamiana with guests transformed into characters from The Arabian Nights like Jasmine, Aladdin or Sindbad coupled with an authentic Arabian cuisine could just make this Christmas wedding hit the headlines.

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