Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Halloween fun

Halloween in Christmas! Sounds fun, doesn't it? This weekend I decided to take a break from Christmas and dwell on my Halloween celebrations instead. So how are you guys gearing up for the weekend?
I have converted my garage into a grand maze partitioning it with black curtains. Guests are invited to enter the house but not before journeying through this dark and spooky labyrinth where Freddie, Jack the Ripper, Jason, Frankenstein, Dracula, and other ghoulish monsters as well as nefarious witches are out to grab the faint hearted and the weak willed. Coupled with this, a combination of eerie background music and intermittent blasts of spine chilling, blood curdling screams will create that ultimate hellish experience.
As for the food: gooey eyeballs, mummy cupcakes, cobweb fudge with chocolate spiders, gnarled witch fingers and a heart dripping with blood are my choice for the evening. Yucky, aren't they?
This is for those who are attending my party but I have also reserved something really special for those living far off. A Halloween wish goes out to both my cousins, Cindy and George in the form of these spectacular e cards.

So guys, take this opportunity to send e greetings to all your loved ones this Halloween making sure they also feel the foul and decayed breath of zombies, fiends and specters emerging from their laptops to haunt their bedsides....and their dreams.

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