Sunday, November 12, 2006

Artificial Christmas Trees

  • The first artificial trees were tabletop feather trees, made from green-dyed goose feathers wound onto sticks drilled into a larger one, like the branches on a tree. Originating in Germany in the 19th century , the first feather trees came to the U.S. In 1913.
    Nowadays, people are increasingly drawn towards artificial Christmas trees since they are easy to maintain and last longer. Prelit ones are also available in the market. This is a major attraction for individuals faced with continuous work pressure who find little time to decorate their trees. Artificial Christmas trees are also a favorite among many parents who find it difficult to keep their kids away from the pines and needles that keep dropping every now and then from real trees. As a result, a number of online stores are offering great discounts on such trees. The following is an account of different kinds of artificial Christmas trees popular this season.

  • 4 Foot natural wood trunk artificial Alpine Christmas Tree with lights and a weighted stand. ($27.99)
    Each tree has 341 wired tips and 100 pre-strung (pre-tested) lights.

  • 3' Artificial Alpine Christmas Trees with 70 clear plug-in lights. ($23.69 ea. / 4 or more $14.99 ea.) This 3 foot natural trunk alpine tree is fully wired with 179 tips. The base is weighted metal.

  • 4 Foot (including the pot) mixed pine artificial Christmas tree with 261 wired tips and 150 clear lights comes potted in urn ($77.99)
    Each tree has 261 wired tips and 150 pre-strung (pre-tested) lights. The pot is resin and weighted. The pot stands 14" high with a 9½" diameter. The base is 6.5" square.

  • Miniature Christmas trees- 12 inch Pine Trees ($1.39 each)- A 12" miniature Canadian Pine Christmas Tree with a natural wood trunk. Each tree has 60 wired tips. Great for Santa dollmakers, gingerbread house displays and Brio train sets.

  • 2' Artificial Balsam Pine Christmas Tree with 35 clear plug-in lights ($11.19)This 2 foot balsam pine tree is fully wired and easy to assemble. Comes with a stand and is of a perfect size for a table top display.

  • Ashton Berry Spruce (Price range $299.95- $370.)
    Combines 3 styles of branch tips. Predominantely medium green in color with just a hint of blue green, the tip design incorporates the combination of hard needle, sculptured and rounded styles. Varying lengths add dimension and texture. It has 601 tips and 450 lights.

  • 7.5' to 9 ft Colonial Fir ( $598.00- & $899.50)
    Medium green in color, this tree has multiple sized sculptured branch tips with short balsam type needles. Available in multi or clear bulbs, it is easy to set up and can be folded up for convenient storage.

  • 6.5' Tinsel Christmas Tree, Slim, Pre Lit, Red ($370.00)
    Fiery Red in color, these unique Christmas trees whose branches come with metallic tinsel
    needles and 1,042 tips add warmth and glory to the Christmas celebration.

  • Bethlehem 54' Woodland Pine Summit Tree, 7320 Clear C7 Lamps ($93,800.00 )
    These trees are perfect for malls, theme parks, office complexes and other commercial settings. Designate your custom tree height, from 14 feet to 40 feet and beyond. The lush needles are made of extra thick, crush resistant PVC. Branches are UV treated for outdoor resilience.

  • White Christmas trees
    A lighted white Christmas tree can create a glorious look in a master bedroom or enclosed patio. Placing this near the front door will help to enhance the beauty of the doorway as well.

Much in vogue last year, these gravity defying trees will take your neighbors and guests completely by surprise. It offers more room for the accumulation of presents underneath. It is pet-friendly. The unique shape also allows the tree to stand in places that do not accommodate a traditional holiday tree, such as in between two armchairs or in a corner. It has 1250 lifelike PVC branch tips that are carefully pre-strung with 600 bright clear commercial-grade lights. The inverted shape makes it easier to see ornaments, which hang away from the dense needles and do not get lost in the foliage.

Below is a list of a few online retail stores offering these and other multidunious artificial Christmas trees for us to choose from:

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