Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christmas travel destinations

Christmas holidays are a time to party, spend time with the kids, friends and family. But is it always essential to stay back at home and enjoy? Last year we went on a grand Europe tour. The breathless beauty of the sites left me gaping in amazement. Besides, I was also taken in with the Christmas celebrations happening there. This time once again, I am burning with the desire to travel and so while surfing through the net, this is what I came across:
An Alaskan vacation- This is sure to be any child's dream holiday haunt. Being close to Santa's den, and covered with snow nearly althroughout the year, the Alaskan North Pole stay can prove to be a delightful experience for all. The dog sledge rides and the Santa House where one can buy souvenirs from, are a great attraction.Hotel accommodations can be booked at Fairbanks and the Chena Hot SpringsResort. Lodging is also available at Santaland RV park. Click here,
for further details.

A vacation spent at Hershey, Pennsylvania is another interesting option. Must have heard of Hershey's candy, right? But did you know that hotels in Hershey offer delectable chocolate baths to customers whereas the restaurants serve people with beautifully decorated mouth watering fondants with just about any dish? I was completely bowled over by this piece of information. But here's more, Hershey Park, home to Christmas Candyland, comes alive every year when decked with millions of lights during Christmas. A place for the young as well as the elderly, my vote goes to this holiday destination.

How about a skiing vacation at Aspen in Colorado, Massachusets, Vermont or Utah? Sounds cool to me. Well, in Aspen you can even indulge in some world class shopping. The glamorous night life, plush hotels and exquisite dining experience will leave you feeling like a Hollywood celebrity.

Massachusets with its quaint little villages and beautiful scenery is one of my favorite winter hangout destinations. How about you? Maybe this will help you to decide better:
This website offers a huge list of hotels and motels, transport details and a review on the best shopping malls as well. Take a look and enjoy. Also, check out for information not just on how to go and what to see in Massachusets but Vermont as well.

Christmas is the perfect time to spend at Disneyland.The Walt Disney Parade with all the Disney characters marching to and fro and waving to their fans is an amazing sight.A number of special Christmas shows of the 'Nightmare Before Christmas', Mickey Mouse, and so on are also put up. The magic of Christmas unfolds itself every winter in the enchanted world of Disney and it is not worth a miss.

Travelling during Christmas ensures immense fun at lower costs. Also, a number of hotels offer accomadation at cheap prices. Besides, this is the only month when you get to spend a generous amount of quality time with your friends and family, so why not take them out on a wonderful joy ride across the world this year making this the most memorable Christmas ever.


Sandra said...

Hey Sean, just wandering through to check in on my favorite Christmas blog. :-D

I found it funny to be greeted by Alaskan Vacation Packages as the first thing I saw this time. It's all white up here now, been snowing past few days and our yard is under about 8 or so inches of snow - I'm not sure what it's up to up in Fairbanks and North Pole though, I'm about 300 miles south of them. Prolly a bit deeper snow up that way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by again.

Now you've got me in that travelin' mood again! :)

Samuel Van Eerden said...

You've got an excellent blog, here, too! :-) Christmas is just an amazing time of year. :-)

Oh...and it snowed up here in WI today, so that makes me doubly excited that "THAT" time of year is just around the corner, yet again!!


God bless!