Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas Table Decoration

The Christmas party is just 24 hours away and the dinner table still needs to be decorated, your mom's old silver crockery to be brought out and loads of other stuff left to be dealt with. Has this ever happened at your place? To avoid the same happening at mine, I am all geared up to start thinking and shopping for anything and everything that will make my Christmas table look glam.

Santa in Chimney Salt and Pepper Shaker ($11.95)- Santa's about to disappear down the chimney, so grab this cute salt and pepper shaker before he even finds time to escape.

Blown Glass Goblets ($69.95) - Rich ruby colored beautiful goblets that will make people grab them as soon as you serve wine or cocktails in them.

Santa cups and saucers($21.50)- You can either serve your special guests ( kids) in these or stack them with cookies and milk for hungry and tired Santa on Christmas eve.

Candle and Incense Holders ($28.95)- Will light up the evening and create an aura of oneness on this holy day.

Poinsettia Plant ($13.95)- A perfect centrepiece, this charming symbol of the season will add warmth to the celebration taking people's breath away.

Hurricane lamps with flower petals sprinkled around them or filled with Christmas balls are equally attractive.

Pretty baskets of Easter Eggs dyed with Christmas colors make an unusual centrepiece.

Gold or Copper Metallic Charger plates ($5.25)- You can place these glossy plates under the dinner plates making a fashion statement this year.

Snowflake Design Bottle stopper ($2.50)- Sleek chrome stoppers that will attract people's gaze and admiration. Will make excellent gift items as well.

Christmas tree card holder($27.95)- A beautiful wire sculpture in the shape of a Christmas tree designed just to hold all your Christmas cards.

Napkin and Placemat set ($30)- Available in iridescent shades of silver, gold, red or burgundy, these polysilk napkins are pretty to hold and behold.

Santa cookie plates ($10.25)- Delightful!

The list can go on. Check out these websites for more ideas:


Rangga said...

Hi Sean thanks for visiting my blog, you really have great stuffs for christmas. I'm sure people can get lots of benefits from your blog, good luck!

Kathleen Marie said...

There are some excellent decorating ideas here. You need to start a contest or people can share ideas they have! Sweet!