Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Christmas vacation ideas: warmer territories

The resplendent glow of the mellow December sun, a starry night and the gentle murmuring gale, days packed with loads of fun, liberal ease and relaxation on the long sandy beaches- all this and more awaits those who plan to visit Hawaii, Jamaica, Bahamas or Mexico this Christmas.

Hawaii- A favorite destination for tourists wanting to get away from the intense cold during winter, Hawaii offers a glimpse of unscathed tropical beauty. Maui, a lovely island with its pristine beaches, waterfalls and rich cultural heritage, Hana Highway, Halekala national park, Oheo Gulch, Wailua Falls, Hamoa Beach, etc; Oahu and Big Island are some of the major attractions. Oahu is where Santa takes his first break walking barefoot on the Waikiki beach. The light displays in Honolulu and the musical concerts at Oahu all extends for over a month beginning from the Kawaiahao Church service, the lighting of the 63 foot Norfolk Pine and an electric parade cum concert on December 3. It is a place brimming with the festive spirit throughout the year. The Big Island festival in November is quite a tourist absorber as well.
Scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, fishing, sailing and other countless activities in the cerulean waters attract all and sundry. Alongside, listening to the native version of “12 days of Christmas” and “Here comes Santa in a Red canoe” is like taking a journey back in time on this paradisal landscape. Here's wishing you all, 'Mele Kalikimaka' or Merry Christmas.
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Bahamas- The intoxicating beauty of the exotic Bahamas beckons us. The Junkanoo festival celebrated here on 26th December where thousands of natives dressed up as God like sculptures dance to the loud and energetic music is a marvelous sight.
Miles of lonely beaches and unexplored caves offer excellent opportunity for lazing around.The mouthwatering seafood, small resorts as well as mega ones with its fabulous nightlife and exuberant dance performances leave you gasping for more. For this magical experience, peep into:



Jamaica- A place which has never seen snow but where Christmas happens to be the most festive time of the year. The two main tourist resorts here are Negril and Montego Bay. The Grand Market, a community fair and Jonkonnu, a parade having its roots in Africa are two of the most popular occurrences for revellers. The warm ocean breeze, the sweet scent of sugarcane in its plume, the fertile vegetation and luxurious flora and fauna meliorate its unparalleled beauty.
The ever popular Christmas fruit cake made from mixed fruits marinaded in wine and the Jamaican Christmas feast of rice, gungo peas, roast chicken or duck, curried goat, ham and roasted beef makes me want to catch the next flight and reach there right now. What about you all?
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Mexico- Visit the comely beaches, colonial cities, national parks, mountains and forests of this wonderful landscape and Oaxaca as well for a rejuvenating experience. It is any shopper's paradise as indigenous markets offer a wide variety of colorful jewelery and handicrafts. Parashuting, jet skiing as well as scuba diving are other relaxation techniques. However, what beats all is the evening entertainment at the beautifully decorated hotels and the numerous fiestas taking place during Christmas. So sit back and let the show begin.






Vickii said...

What I wouldn't give to spend christmas in Hawaii! This christmas blog is an amazing idea, it's really cool that there are people out there who love christmas as much as I do! You can be sure I'll be coming back!

BrightEyes said...

HEY!! What about Puerto Rico?!?! Did you know that the longest "Christmas" Holidays in the world are on this beautiful island?
The celebration starts really early in December (in some houses right after Thanksgiving). You have Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New year's, and Three King's (some celebrate Three King's Eve) of course...BUT after Three Kings you have what's called "Las Octavas" / "Las Octavitas" which is celebrated during the following days after Three King's. THEN you have "Las Fiestas de San Sebastian." Which is a five-day celebration.
While in many places the tree and lights are being put away...Puerto Rico's stay up until about February. So it's definitely a place you should visit during this season. We may not have snow...but there is definitely some celebration going on. Add in our sand and sea and you've got yourself a great Holiday Season. ;oD

Sandra said...

Ohhh, thank you Sean for the post about Hawaii Christmas getaways. It sounds wonderful. I remember when I was little my mom went to Hawaii. I don't remember why she went, but I do remember she brought me and my brother back sugar cane. I've wanted to go see Hawaii ever since.

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Anonymous said...

I love going to Hawaii for Christmas. It is so neat to see the palm trees decorated with light.

Anonymous said...

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