Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating Xmas trees to make them look bright and beautiful is a favorite task for all of us. The eagerness with which children insist on staying up late to finish decorating and the warmth and love with which parents place the well wrapped gifts around the bottom of the tree is a cherished sight witnessed in every home on Christmas eve.
There are innumerable ways to decorate Yule trees:

Circling the tree with attractive garlands and wreaths

  • Beaded and Tinsel Garlands- Red jingle garlands with silver beads seperating them, iridescent icicle garlands, teardrop bead garlands, fa-la-la-la plastic words arranged in a sequence forming a unique garland, Hershey's chocolate garland etc. are a few varieties that can be wound around the branches to create an exotic look.
  • Branched garlands- Lush green regal pine garlands, or those made of Canadian Pine, Richmond Fir, lit with multiple lights look amazingly beautiful when hung from the branches of Christmas trees.
  • Another option is to string popcorn, cranberries, cereal, beads, etc. and hang these as garlands or make gingerbread cookies. Before baking, make a hole toward the top of each cookie using a straw. Bake and cool. String a ribbon through each cookie and hang them on your Christmas tree as a piece of decoration
  • A garland made of old and new Christmas cards is a poignant decoration as well

Decking the tree with glass ornaments
Animal ornaments of all shapes and colors, love ornaments, balls, food ornaments, ethnic pride ornaments to celebrate your family's heritage, Santa and snowmen ornaments, musical ornaments serving as an orchestra for the guests, religious ornaments, jingle bell ornaments and so on complement a well lit Christmas tree adding glamor to glory.
Mix special and more expensive ornaments with cheaper ones to make a greater impact. Filler and special ornaments can be placed on tips of boughs. Put some inside the branches too.


Create an attractive display of teddies at the bottom of the tree. Dress them up in red or green clothes. Put the Christmas gifts beside the teddies. It will make a perfect gift display and would adorn the living room too.

Christmas tree toppers
I still remember how the elders in the family meaning my grandpa and dad would lift me so that I could place the star on top of the Christmas tree. Those were the days.

Popular this year are Magic star, Santa Claus, Angel tree toppers with multicolored lights and an assortment of other battery operated ones.

Rustic leaves, bird nests, silk flowers, glittering twigs, twig wreaths, small flags add color, style and a designer touch.

For further tips on how to decorate christmas trees:

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