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Christmas gift ideas for small kids.

Some would say that it is easy to impress little kids with just about any gift, a toy, a fairytale book or even cookies. True, but the more time we spend on selecting or making a gift for them , the more they are drawn towards us. They even learn to appreciate the love and effort that goes in making or buying a gift, thus inculcating the desire to do the same for others. I remember when I was 5, my mom gave me a small teddy bear on Christmas which her mother had sewn for her. With soft and tiny fingers I held that priceless gift. It made me feel really special and from then on I have tried to bring a smile on the face of my near ad dear ones by remembering to gift them a token of my love and adoration every Christmas.
Here are some of the unique and innovative gift ideas for little children you can choose from:

A Beloved Voice
Record your voice reading a book, making jokes, recalling memories, or singing. Include a photo of the person who made the recording. If a new story is being read, wrap up the book with the recording for a special book-tape gift combo.

A special something like a scarf, a necklace, a tie
Children often love to sniff around closets searching for the sweet smell of their dear ones. They even fancy certain jewelery or clothes owned by their parents. If gifted with these cherished items, they are sure to be elated.

An indoor sandbox - the scoop, shovel, and pour kit
Fill a large plastic storage box with birdseed, sand, rice, packing peanuts, or dried beans. Add colorful ladles, scoops, cups, funnels, spoons, shovels, pails, pitchers, plastic measuring cups, measuring spoons, pots and pans, pie tins, animals, cars, or anything with which to scoop, shovel, pour, and play, in the "sandbox."

An explorer kit
Buy a colorful plastic bucket and fill it with tools like magnifying glass, tweezers, specimen jars, bags, a hat etc. for exploring outdoors. Add some rubber boots for moving about in the rain and mud too. Add a small diary where they could paste the leaves or things they gather and narrate their adventuresome experience.

Spin painting
Buy an inexpensive salad spinner or find a used one. Add some paper plates and a few bottles of tempera paint. After your child opens the gift, show him or her how to make a spin painting by putting a paper plate on the bottom of the spinner, adding a few tablespoons of different colors of paint, and giving it all a good spin.

Treasure hunts!
Set this up to lead to a holiday gift, then use it over and over again throughout the year. On index cards, draw freehand, glue pictures from a magazine, or print computer-generated pictures of things in your home. Make about half a dozen for youngest players and a dozen for kids aged five or older. Draw on a directional arrow on each clue to indicate on top of, under, beside, etc. Wrap up the first card and give it to your child as the first clue. Hide the second clue near the item pictured on the first card. Hide the third clue near the item pictured on the second card, and so on, until all the clues are hidden. Make sure to hide a treasure (a gift, a coin, small toy, food treat, etc.) near the final item. Send your child on the hunt with the first clue!

Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head is here again. His popularity soared with roles in the much loved Toy Story movies. Who doesn't love to see all the different possibilities that Mr. Potato Head has to offer? With a plastic potato and many removable parts (eyes, ears, arms, glasses, etc.) the combinations are endless.

Family chocolate or cookie baking
Unusual isnt it? But messing up their hands, clothes and face as well will really make the tiny tots happy specially when after hours of hard work, a yummy gooey feast awaits the little midgets.

Play-Doh Fun Bucket
The bucket includes more than 20 different accessories and five colors that will surely inspire hours of modeling fun. The Play-Doh does not stain hands or work surfaces and the whole kit can be stored in the bucket for ease of clean-up and storage.

Own a Share In Disney
Buy your child a Disney Share Gift Pack and make him/her an owner of a real share in this entertainment company!

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Check out for great gift ideas for children and everyone on your list.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is tough. Our girls want iPods, our 10 yo Dillon is impossible to buy for! He has every electronic & game you could possibly imagine, so we have decided on a toy that is appropriate for his age. All of his friends have electric scooters, so we are looking at a couple of different options.


They don't cost that much & hopefully the novilty won't ware off in a couple of months