Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Secret Behind Santa's Ho ho ho

Santa is famous for his hearty ‘ho ho ho’ greeting and laughter. But have we ever asked ourselves why? Yes, it goes well with the spirit of the season but there is more to it than just that. Research tells us that laughter provides a boost to all components of our immune system. It reduces stress and improves health! Laughter is a tremendous healing activity that Santa has been advocating since his inception. Santa maintains a happy disposition using laughter to keep our mood positive. He has been showing us how to handle life’s daily stresses with the magical health benefits of laughter.

Laughter protects the adrenal glands which are the major shock absorber hormones in the body, protecting us from the potential mental and physical impact that stress can cause. No wonder Santa is always healthy and has never missed a Christmas yet!

Have you ever seen a child laughing while watching cartoons? The ecstatic outburst of free flowing happiness is so infectious that it forces us to smile. A child exists within all of us, but social norms and our prosaic lives bring about early maturity stifling all hopes of innocent childish laughter. So lets promise this festive season to loosen up and shake hands with Santa committing ourselves to laughter and make the child within us be back.Just remember to ‘ho ho ho’ where ever you go and say goodbye to woe. Enjoy good hearty laughter this festive season and throughout the year!

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