Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her

Its Christmas eve and a special someone is waiting eagerly for you at home or a romantic restaurant. Dressed in your best, you approach her and are stunned by her ethereal presence and beauty. Just then you are shocked to find that you have forgotten to buy her a gift. Has such a situation ever arisen in your life? It happened with me once, and perhaps it was all the more embarassing because my girlfriend gifted me the gadget of my dreams while I stood sheepishly staring at the grinning waiter. But history is not about to repeat itself again. Look at the list of gifts below to know more.

  • Romantic Message in a Bottle ($14.95)- Christmas is the time to let loose all your feelings and emotions. Proclaim your love for her in the old fashioned way. An elegant parchment paper printed with a message of love rolled in a glass bottle...all set for its voyage to her heart.

  • Enduring Rose – Women love receiving thoughtful gifts which express your love for them. Enduring Rose has a collection of 24K gold trimmed and fully dipped roses replete with flowers that will never wither or fade, just like your love.

  • Diamond Rings or pendants- For those who are quite serious about their relationship and are either planning to carry it to the next level, i. e. marriage or have already taken the vows, this is an ideal gift. A diamond Heart Dangle Ring ($550), 14K Yellow and White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant ($200) are a few sparkling examples.

  • Planning to Propose? On Christmas Eve, use a red ribbon and tie the ring to the tree or simply set the ring box on a branch. Surround the tree with red rose petals; you can even sprinkle them on the tree branches.If she doesn't discover the ring on her own say, "I think Santa came early this year." As you're pointing to the ring say, "What is that on the tree?" When she discovers the ring, pop the question.

  • Scented and Colorful Candles- They signify the light and fragrance she has brought in your life. Make an intense impression by cooking a romantic candle light dinner for her served with red wine, soft music and bask in the glory of love.

  • A Romantic limousine ride- Book a limousine for the two of you. Present her with a beautiful gift basket packed with her favorite chocolates, cookies, wine and other delights. Roam the city streets with her in your arms and remember to drop in at one of the plush retsurants for dinner.

  • Personalised Photo Carved Lamp ($100- $199)- Find that one special romantic photo of the two of you together, one that reminds you of a moment or place when you got closer. These pictures are carved and assembled into an elegant frame which is then lit from behind to creat a charming one of a kind love lamp.

  • When We Met First Book ($45)- Show your loved one you are glad to have met her through this elegantly designed keepsake book that describes the year you met, with a love poem and a message from you. A His and Hers Shareable 'Together Forever' Pendant ($9.99) along with this is sure to create magic.

  • Tokens of my affection ($14.99)- Hugs, Kisses, Massages, Love and Wishes to share with her..these love tokens come in a red pouch with 'Token Of My Affection' written on it.

  • Italian Heart Sheped Watches ($248)- When she wears your heart out on her sleeve...oops! wrist in the shape of this watch, it will sure make you proud.

  • Another romantic way to give Christmas gifts is to note down the carol '12 days of Christmas'. On the first day, send her a single rose bud with the first line of the song, on the second, 2 red rose buds with the second line of the song and so on. Finally, your loved one will receive a beautiful red rose bouquet with 12 long-stemmed roses on Christmas and a big card wishing 'Merry Christmas! My Love.'

  • Passionate Red Flowers or a bouquet of love – Gorgeous and priceless.

  • Total Body Support Pillow ($119.95)- This pillow provides optimum support for lower extremities, while cushioning and maintaining proper spinal alighnment in any position.

  • Spa Treats($25.00- $49.00)- This is an experience of a lifetime. From a whole body massage to facials, wraps and spa treatment, the lovely damsel will have it all.

  • Surprise Getaway – Purchase tickets to a romantic destination and slip them into a leather airline ticket holder wrapping them together. Her face will light up with joy as she unwraps this amazing gift.

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